LT-300 SD/HD Digital Colposcope

Best in class for image quality

Lutech offers two digital video colposcope systems, LT-300 SD and HD, trusted worldwide in assisting with the diagnosis of cervical cancer.

  • LCD Viewing screen
  • Progressive green filter
  • Networking solutions
  • LED technology
  • Hand-held remote

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LT-300 SD & LT-300 HD Digital Video Colposcopes

The Lutech LT-300 SD and LT-300 HD digital video colposcope systems have been trusted worldwide in assisting with the diagnosis of cervical cancer. They are used in hospitals, clinics, medical universities, telemedicine, assault advocacy programs as well as prosecutor’s offices, the LT-300 series colposcopes are built with quality in mind. The LT-300 HD uses an authentic Sony digital camera for unbeatable crystal clear imaging. Both colposcopes come with ergonomically designed frame and remote.

Special Features:

LCD Viewing Screen
The screen has been designed for comfort and ergonomic use. No more craning your neck to get a good look. The LT-300 HD has True HD images, the highest in market for it’s class, providing crystal clear images to the screen.

Progressive Green Filter
Your eyes see the world in vibrant colours. However, no two pairs of eyes can accurately pick up the same exact hue, tone or value (the three components that make up every colour). That’s why the LT-300 series colposcope incorporates a Progressive Green Filter, one that customises the range of green to optimise clarity for each unique pair of eyes.

Networking Solutions

  • Educate students and clinicians: display the exam on a large screen for all your students to see. Vice versa, see what your students are seeing to easily guide them through the process.
  • Increase patient knowledge: use two display screens to allow the patient the opportunity to see their exam. Seeing and understanding the illness and symptoms in this way has been shown to increase patient follow ups and adherence to medical treatment advise.
  • Network to EMRs: easily integrate the colposcope with your facility’s EMR systems to save pictures and videos of the exams for future reference.
LED Technology
Adjustable LED circular lights system that is precisely set to 5000~5500 K colour temperature. When the colour temperature is precisely controlled, the resulting image colour and quality is optimised. The cool lighting technology prevents heat buildup and provides a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Hand-held Remote
When zoomed very close to the subject, even the tiniest movements can feel massive and create blurring. That’s why the adjustment options have been placed on a remote. Ergonomically placed within easy reach, the user can zoom in and out, adjust the green filter, increase or decrease brightness and much more without moving the camera head. The image stays clear and stable no matter how many buttons are pressed. Auto focus adjusts on the go as you zoom, whilst Manual focus allows the user to focus on different layers of depths.

  • Gynaecology
  • Education / Teaching
  • Telemedicine (Mobile Medicine)
Colposcopes also feature:
  • foot pedal for hands-free image and video capture.
  • Save videos and/or pictures for future reference.
  • Built in timer for the acetic acid test.