Datalys CMS Computer

Lutech Datalys CMS

Your partner in advancing medical care

  • Display
    Recommended 21 inch or larger, high-resolution colour display

  • Capacity
    Connects up to 15 Lutech patient monitors per screen. Available with dual screen operation for a total of 30 monitors.

  • Flexibility
    Capable of working with any combination of monitor models within 800 series on the same system.

  • Storage
    30 seconds of waveform review.

  • Alarm
    Available with 3-Levels of visual alarm system.

  • Network Interface
    TCP/IP central monitoring system. Ability to observe the full range of vital signs information from the patient.

  • Bi-directional Communication
    Allows the user to control certain aspects of the bedside monitor from the central station interface.

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